The neZuro saga began as a popular screenplay. This page illustrates some of the feedback the screenplay has received from established sources over time.


The Blacklist

  • "This was certainly an extremely intriguing and exciting concept to have explored. This is a post-apocalyptic world audiences have never seen before. It was extremely clever to have explored environmental impact, as well as the rise of a powerful robot/machine force."

  • "There is absolutely some strong potential with this script. .. The idea... is utterly fascinating. Audiences LOVE psychological and emotional sci-fi stories like this. This could very easily be developed into a massive commercial hit."

The Page Awards

  • “NEZURO is a fully realized story world. The level of detail is impressive... This was an interesting and thought provoking script (with) an abundance of engaging characters, action sequences, and strong emotional conflict. What I really liked about the script was how you developed a complex storyline and made it believable.”

  • “Your protagonist, Jon-Azon, was an amazing character.”

  • “Your plethora of supporting characters and storylines were also great… they held everything together nicely.”

  • “An incredibly interesting concept.”

  • “The action scenes are IMAX worthy... Explosive and inventive, making danger ever present.”

  • “The last scene with Leon and Vanny is quite haunting...”

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